About Us

PECB Ukraine is the official representative in Ukraine for two prestigious certification bodies:

These associations enable PECB Ukraine to deliver globally recognized and respected certifications that help professionals and organizations uphold and demonstrate compliance with international standards, enhancing their global competitiveness and operational excellence.

Our main goals and areas of activity include:

  1. Establishing minimum requirements for the certification of personnel, organizations, and products.
  2. Reviewing and verifying the qualifications of applicants for the capability to conduct certification assessments.
  3. Developing and conducting reliable, credible, and contemporary certification examinations.
  4. Issuing certificates to qualified candidates, organizations, and products, maintaining records, and publishing a list of active certificate holders.
  5. Setting requirements for periodic certification renewal and determining compliance with these requirements.
  6. Ensuring that PECB Ukraine members adhere to ethical standards in their professional practice.

What Make Us Special?

Why PECB Ukraine is chosen as the preferred certification body

Global recognition

Global Recognition

Being accredited by some of the world's most authoritative accreditation bodies grants us international recognition and confirms our adherence to best practices for the highest quality of services provided. Professionals who undergo training and certification with PECB Ukraine gain recognition in both domestic and foreign markets.

Qualified Staff

At PECB Ukraine, we employ only competent professionals with a sufficient level of experience in their field and the necessary certifications. All our staff continuously train to maintain their qualifications and are monitored to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Training Translations

Most specialized training and certifications are typically available only in English, requiring a sufficient proficiency in the language and the possibility of traveling abroad. PECB Ukraine offers training materials in Ukrainian, and the training sessions themselves can be conducted at a location convenient for you.

Market trust and broad recognition are the core values of our certification.

Our Clients